KAN-therm: KAN Smart Control
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KAN Smart Control



Imagine controlling and monitoring the temperature at your home or office... from anywhere in the world! Sounds good? First of all, it sounds real, because now you really can. It’s all thanks to the KAN SMART Control application, which will give you the possibility to control the KAN-therm SMART wireless automation system!


KAN-therm SMART System – it all starts here

KAN-therm SMART Control is an intelligent automatic control system, which can control and regulate the temperature in various heating zones. It is an indispensable element of heating and cooling systems, the functions and advantages provided by KAN-therm SMART are unique technology you can invite into your interior. It will perform well in residential buildings as well as in industrial and public spaces. This automation for surface heating and cooling means, above all, simple and intuitive operation and comfort in daily use, which you can now take to an even higher level! How? By using the KAN SMART Control application, which you can install on your phone quickly and easily.


How does the application work?



KAN SMART Control intelligently controls the KAN-therm SMART wireless automation system. Just install it on your tablet or smartphone and you can instantly control the temperature at home or at work – no matter where you are at any given moment. Clear design makes the daily operation of the system really simple and every action you take can be performed automatically and intuitively. You can also control the temperature settings on your computer. Everything has been prepared in such a way as to adapt to your needs as much as possible.


Why is it worth having the KAN SMART Control application?

This application has a number of benefits which will improve the control of heat in the rooms of your choice, thus contributing to the highest comfort of staying in them. Explore the most important features of KAN SMART Control application!

Professional KAN-therm systems will help you to secure your future for years to come.

  • Simple and intuitive control of temperature in the entire house from any place in the world – all you need is access to the Internet or a local network and you can manage your heating system on the fly! Depending on the room you are servicing, you can choose to have the same temperature for the entire area (e.g. in public buildings) or vary it according to your needs by setting different heat levels for each room (e.g. living room, bedroom and kitchen in your home). This way you will always feel perfect!

  • “Quick Setup” function – allows to configure KAN-therm Smart system directly from the app. Specify all settings of your heating system and control individual stages of their regulation.

  • Access to full system diagnostics – owing to the “check connection” function, you are constantly monitoring the communication with the KAN-therm Smart system. In case of any communication problems between devices or low battery in thermostats, you receive a message so you can react immediately. This gives you a sense of security and peace of mind.

  • Quick access to ready-made scenarios – whether you are on holiday or just planning a party, ready-made scenarios for maintaining the right indoor temperature will ensure you the thermal comfort you want! You can create your own heating and cooling programmes, depending on how you use the interior and what temperature you expect. This solution optimises the building's energy consumption, ultimately reducing energy costs.

Professional KAN-therm systems will help you to secure your future for years to come.

And KAN-therm Smart application will allow you to manage them from anywhere in the world. Try it out now!

Download the new version of the KAN mobile application!