KAN-therm: Certificates and approvals
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Certificates and approvals

The KAN-therm products are manufactured according to highest technology and quality standards. Intended for the use in the construction industry our products have been issued with all the required certificates and approvals. For every product a certificate of conformity to an appropriate standard or technical approval as a reference document has been issued.

Element Reference document
KAN-therm Push
PERT Pipes EN ISO 22391-2:2010
Insulated PERT Pipes
PEXC Pipes EN ISO 15875-2:2005
Insulated PEXC Pipes
Push PPSU and brass fittings EN ISO 22391-3:2010
EN ISO 15875-3:2005
EN 1254-4:2004
Screwed fittings EN 1254-4:2004
KAN-therm ultraPRESS
PERTAL Pipes EN ISO 21003-2:2009
Insulated PERT Pipes
PEXC Pipes
ultraPRESS/ ultraPRESS Fittings EN ISO 21003-3:2009
Screwed fittings EN 1254-4:2004
KAN-therm PP/PP Green
Uniform PP Pipes EN ISO 15874-2:2013-06E
PP Stabi Al Pipes Technical approval
PP Glass Pipes Technical approval
PP Fittings EN ISO 15874-3:2013-06E
PP Valves
KAN-therm Steel
Steel Pipes EN 10305-3:2010
Steel Fittings Technical Approval
KAN-therm Inox
Inox Pipes
1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4521
EN 10312:2006
Inox Fittings Technical Approval
Steel Manifolds
for central heating
Technical Approval
Brass Manifolds
for central heating and water
Technical Approval
Fittings of general use EN ISO 1254-4:2004
Ball Valves
and Mounting Kits
EN 13828:2005
Corrugated Pipes -
Installation cabinets -
Additional elements
(hooks, clips, hangers)
Anti-frost garden tap PN-M-75208:1975P
KAN-therm Radiant heating
PERT Pipes EN 1254-1:2004
PEXC Pipes EN ISO 22391-2:2005
PERTAL Pipes EN ISO 22391-2:2009
Screwed connectors EN 1254-4:2004
Brass manifolds and pump groups Technical Approval
Installation cabinets -
Automation control elements EN 60730-1:2009
Betokan EN 934-2+A1:2012
Styrofoam Tacker EN 13163:2009
Styrofoam Tacker (high density) EN 13163:2009
Styrofoam Tacker (sound dampening) EN 13163:2009
Styrofoam Profil 1 EN 13163:2009
Styrofoam  Profil 2 i 4 EN 13163:2009
Styrofoam  TBS EN 13163:2009
Other Styrofoam Boards EN 13163:2009
Dilatation Tapes -
Thermostatic valves and heads EN 215:2005
Thermostatic block EN 215:2005
Additional elements
(hooks, clips, hangers)
KAN-therm Sprinkler
KAN-therm Steel & Inox 

To get individual documents please contact with the Sales Dept or our KAN dealer/representative.