KAN-therm: Automatics
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KAN‑therm SMART & Basic+ are two independent, complete control systems making it possible to maintain thermal comfort in a building with the optimal operation of the heating or cooling source and high energy efficiency of the entire heating or cooling system.

Diversity of solutions for the heating technology and in first-line solutions of very commonly used mixed heating systems, e.g. underfloor heating combined with conventional radiator heating, despite many advantages, without proper control elements, can lead to substantial discomfort. Usually, overheating, underheating, or a temperature that is not uniform in individual spaces causes this discomfort.

No correctly configured automatic controlling individual heating systems can cause significant heat losses (overheated rooms), and therefore an increase in the operation cost of a heating system.

System KAN‑therm provides two independent, complete control systems, depending on the needs of the investment and customer preferences. KAN‑therm SMART means wireless control automation system where wall thermostats communicate with a control terminal block using radio waves. KAN‑therm Basic+ is, on the other hand, traditional wired automation system that requires the installation of electrical cables connecting its individual elements.

KAN‑therm SMART & Basic+ are universal systems that can be used in both radiator and surface heating and cooling installations.

KAN‑therm SMART & Basic+ means:

  • High-quality materials and modern design.
  • Possibility of on-line control (KAN‑therm SMART)
  • Low power consumption of the servomotors - only 1W!
  • Clear communication system with the user - pictograms
  • Many useful functions, such as child lock, standby mode, day/night or auto operation modes, "Party", "Holiday" functions
  • Operating NC and NO actuators.
  • Version 230V and 24V
  • Possibility of connecting additional devices: pump module, dew point sensor, external clock, additional heat source

The most important element of the automation system is the wall-mounted thermostat. This device takes care of our thermal comfort all the time by constantly monitoring the conditions in the room. It must be installed in a representative place, so that is why great attention was paid to its look and aesthetics. KAN‑therm SMART & Basic+ thermostats are most importantly modern and elegant in design.

The KAN Smart Control app is an intelligent tool for managing KAN‑therm Smart automation system that makes it possible to monitor and adjust the temperature all over the house from anywhere in the world.

The "Quick Setup" function enables the configuration of System KAN‑therm Smart directly from the app.

Thanks to the built-in "Start Smart" function ensuring that the control system learns about the building specificity and possibility to lower temperature at night and to program thermal comfort on a weekly basis (times of heating), the system makes it possible to save up to 20 % of thermal energy.