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InoxFlow manifolds have new, stainless construction that replaces their very popular brass equivalents on the installation market. Even more durable material, changed profile shape and also greater capabilities put them at the forefront of the so-called top level products.

Refined material of top quality

The new line of InoxFlow manifolds is based on 1.4301 stainless steel beams. It is a top-quality metal alloy that guarantees high durability and aesthetics of the product. The beam profile has a guarantee of 10 years.

2 x greater efficiency

Innovative production technology and the use of a stainless steel profile with a larger inner diameter and lower wall thickness have almost doubled the hydraulic capacity of InoxFlow manifolds compared to the old brass versions.

InoxFlow manifolds:

Products recommended for a particular application.

Modern design and high aesthetics of the finished product.

Rigorous quality control of the production process.

The possibility to be used in installations filled with glycol mixtures.

Versions with flowmeters up to 2.5 l/min. and also up to 5 l/min. available.

High resistance to chloride ions

Compared to brass, stainless steel is also more resistant to chloride ions dissolved in water, and there is no possibility of migration of undesirable elements (e.g. lead) from low-quality metal alloys into drinking water, and that means better hygiene and safety.


Modern design

Specially designed plastic clamps and a cover plate give the manifolds a very elegant and professional look. The cover plate is an optional accessory for all InoxFlow manifolds, which tidies up and protects all the connection elements of the manifold, especially the electrical wiring of the control automation.


100 % Polish production

KAN‑therm InoxFlow manifolds are made of top-quality materials and components. Manifolds are 100 % produced in Poland, and the detailed quality control of the production process guarantees a product that meets the highest customer requirements.