KAN-therm: Coffrets d'installation KAN-therm
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Coffrets d'installation KAN-therm

Use in installations:

KAN‑therm installation cabinets are used to mount manifolds of heating or tap water systems with additional equipment.

Depending on the specifics of the investments and consequently the method of their assembly, on-plaster and sub-plaster constructions can be distinguished.

Cabinets are also selected according to the type and purpose of the manifold that will be installed in them. Manifolds for traditional radiator and tap water installations are mounted in Slim cabinets. Manifolds for surface heating or cooling systems equipped with additional mixing pumps or automatic control elements should be installed in Slim+ cabinets.

The cabinet must be selected according to the size (width) of the manifold and its additional equipment. It must also include space for possible maintenance of the manifold, e.g. the possibility of closing or opening valves, operating air vents, etc.

If a manifold with a pump mixing system is to be installed in a cabinet, the required depth of the cabinet must be at least 120mm. 

Cabinet types:

Slim sub-plaster cabinet for traditional radiator heating, cooling or tap water installation.

     Slim+ sub-plaster cabinet for surface heating or cooling.         On-plaster SWNE cabinet.

                     On-plaster SWN cabinet.                               Sub-plaster SWPS and SWPSE cabinet.

                    On-plaster SWN-OP cabinet.                                Sub-plaster SWP-OP cabinet.