KAN-therm: Slim & Slim+
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Slim & Slim+

KAN‑therm Slim & Slim+ is a new line of sub-plaster installation cabinets. The innovative frameless construction and thin front of the cabinets give them a modern look, which makes them fit perfectly into any interior decor.

KAN‑therm Slim & Slim+ cabinets are named after their thin front construction, that perfectly blends in with the wall surface. Investors will definitely appreciate their high sanitariness and aesthetics. No frame means no possible places for dust and dirt to settle. The elimination of the frame is also a characteristic accent of the cabinet making its design unique and modern. The Slim & Slim+ construction also includes a number of new solutions to simplify assembly.

Unique frameless construction.

Unique frameless construction guarantees clean, aesthetic surfaces in the room. The front of the cabinet perfectly blends in with the wall - no additional frame means no additional gaps or surfaces for dust and dirt to settle.

Modern design.

The frameless, thin and flush front of the cabinet is a unique feature that makes the room look stylish. The modern design of the cabinet and delicate laser marking of the KAN‑therm logo confirm the high quality of the product and make it look elegant.

Slim & Slim+ cabinets mean:

  • High-grade material – coated metal sheet in colour RAL 9016
  • Convenient coin lock.
  • Set of bolts mounting the manifold to the cabinet body.
  • Detachable blinds in the top and side sections of the cabinet.
  • Minimum and maximum floor level markers.

Dedicated constructions.

Sub-plaster Slim cabinets – designed to mount radiator manifolds or manifolds serving a tap water system.

Sub-plaster Slim+ cabinets - designed to mount manifolds for surface heating and control automation elements.

Securing the front surface.

By using a special protective foil, the surfaces of Slim and Slim+ cabinet fronts are secured against damage during assembly and finishing work.

Assembly without additional tools.

Thanks to the special construction, it is possible to adjust the height and seating depth of the front and body for the entire lifetime of the cabinet. Thanks to the use of wing bolts, the cabinet can be assembled without any additional tools.