KAN-therm: Système KAN-therm Groove
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Système KAN-therm Groove

Thanks to the top-quality materials and a wide range of diameters, system KAN-therm Groove is used in technological and compressed air installations.  

The system can also be used in industrial installations and pipelines in the mining industry.  

The huge advantage is that it can be disassembled and reassembled at a new location, especially if the pipeline is made only for a limited time.

Wide diameter range

System KAN‑therm Groove creates new opportunities for making pipelines.

Thanks to the standard offer of elements in the range of DN25 - DN300 (33.7 - 323.9mm), it is possible to construct pipeline installations of high flow rates. On individual request, we can deliver elements with diameters above 1,500mm (1.5m), which makes it possible to build highly specialised installations.

Tested materials

System KAN‑therm Groove is based on fittings and clamps made of highly durable ductile cast iron with strength equal to or greater than steel products. This is complemented by the well-known in the installation technology and reliable EPDM and NBR elastomers used as system seals.

Advantages of System KAN‑therm Groove

  • comprehensive diameter range DN25-DN300,
  • wide range of temperature from -34 °C to 110 °C and pressure – to 69 bar,
  • possibility to connect steel, galvanized or stainless steel pipelines,
  • saving assembly time,
  • high level of work safety,
  • quick and easy installation without the necessity to use fire and high temperature,
  • no need for highly qualified staff,
  • top quality and tightness of joints,
  • prefabrication option
  • possibility to absorb thermal elongations,
  • compatibility with other KAN‑therm systems.

Exceptional durability

Thanks to the use of ductile cast iron and high-quality EPDM seals, installations made in SYSTEM KAN‑therm Groove easily withstand operating pressures of up to 69 bar and temperatures ranging from -34 °C to 110 °C

Simple assembly

The assembly of individual fittings and pipe sections is based on a proven and simple mechanical connection method - grooving. Connections of this type are standardised, so a wide range of assembly tools is available.

Full safety

The quality and strength of SYSTEM KAN‑therm Groove is defined by the use of proven construction materials, which is confirmed by certificates from national and foreign research institutes.