KAN-therm: Système KAN-therm NET
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Système KAN-therm NET

KAN‑therm NET is an installation system, designed for the construction of underfloor heating and cooling installations, as well as heating and cooling installations of outdoor spaces. The main element fastening the pipe is a steel net and plastic bands (commonly known as cable ties) or plastic clips.

KAN‑therm NET is a heating pipe mounting system for various types of surfaces: for thermal insulation on a concrete surface, directly on the concrete surface or directly on the ground. The construction of the surface heater can vary depending on the applied thermal insulation (or its lack) as well as the type and thickness of the layers over the pipes.

Universal application.

Th elements of the system can successfully be used both in outdoor and traditional indoor underfloor heating and cooling installations.

Compatible with other elements of KAN‑therm surface systems.

KAN‑therm NET elements are commonly used with other products recommended for surface installations, e.g. KAN‑therm Tacker thermal insulation.


Advantages of system KAN‑therm NET:

  • Universal application: single- and multi-family housings and public utility buildings, industrial halls, warehouses, football pitches, car parks, external traffic routes.
  • Comprehensive and wide product offer
  • High quality of elements
  • Easy assembly
  • Possibility of mounting pipes of any diameter

Any pipe spacing.

System KAN‑therm NET makes it possible to lay heating loops with different spacing.

For all types of surface installations.

System KAN‑therm NET is perfect for large buildings such as warehouses and production halls, livestock buildings, office buildings and also for traditional buildings such as single-family houses, e.g. for heating the foundation slab.

Easy assembly.

Laying the installation in system KAN‑therm NET is very easy and does not require any additional tools.