KAN-therm: Système KAN-therm WALL
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Système KAN-therm WALL

KAN‑therm WALL are prefabricated heating and cooling panels used to construct wall and ceiling heating or cooling installations with the dry method.

Heating and cooling panels of system KAN‑therm WALL in the drywall system are gypsum and fibre panels with milled grooves and PB polybutylene or PE-RT polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 8×1mm placed inside, which are part of the System KAN‑therm offer. By sticking directly to the partition or using a special frame, they can be mounted on walls and ceilings.

Wide range of heating and cooling panels.

There are several different versions of heating and cooling panels available, varying in height, width and layout. The panels also differ in the pipe installation height and its spacing. To make it possible to install the complete system, we also offer cover plates (so-called blind) which are not equipped with a pipe - they serve as complementary elements.

For dry and wet rooms.

KAN‑therm WALL gypsum and fibre panels undergo, among other things, an impregnation process during production. This makes the panels versatile, non-combustible, with high mechanical strength, suitable for both standard dry and wet rooms.

Advantages of System KAN‑therm WALL:

Possibility of using it instead of traditional gypsum and fibre drywall.

Pleasantly warm walls and uniform temperature distribution over the entire room  height.

Aesthetic look of the room without radiators and dust smudges on the walls.

Can be used for cooling in summer.

Possibility of using ecological, energy-saving heat sources, e.g. heat pumps.

Solution recommended for new, as well as renovated buildings. Recommended particularly for light wooden construction (frame houses).


Any surface finish.

After mounting, KAN‑therm WALL panels can be finished in any way – painted, covered with wallpaper or decorative stone tiles.

Possibility of combining in bigger sets.

Panels can be combined in bigger heating and cooling sets using special "Click" connectors.

Different assembly methods.

KAN‑therm WALL panels can be mounted to partitions with specially prepared frames or directly to the partition by means of screwing, nailing or bonding, depending on the installation technology and the surface type.