KAN-therm: Système KAN-therm ultraLINE
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Système KAN-therm ultraLINE

System KAN‑therm ultraLINE is an innovative and the only technical solution on the installation market, designed to make both standard internal heating and drinking water systems, as well as specialised piping installations such as compressed air.

3 pipe types, 2 fittings materials, 1 sliding sleeve design!

Its unique design and the ability of flexible configuration of a complete end solution give great convenience to the installers and designers.

The flexibility of system KAN‑therm ultraLINE configuration consists in the possibility of using various types of pipes using the same design of fittings made of brass or plastic (PPSU), and plastic sleeves.

Flexible choice of material.

System KAN‑therm ultraLINE means the possibility to freely configure the system depending on your preferences, the requirements of the investor or the features of the building. 

In the offer, you can find various pipe constructions and fittings made of PPSU and brass. The tightness and high mechanical strength of the connection are guaranteed by the sliding sleeve made of specially selected PVDF material. 

In the entire 14-32 mm diameter range are available PERTAL² pipes, ultraLINE fittings in brass and plastic (PPSU).

Thanks to this unique opportunity, your investments will be installed using the favourite and, at the same time, the latest installation technologies available on the market.


Symmetrical sliding sleeve.

The symmetrical construction of the sliding sleeve makes it possible to install it freely on the pipe, does not require special positioning, and also double-sided installation is possible. 

This feature is for the convenience of installation, but above all, it guarantees properly made connections even in the most unfavourable construction conditions. 

Specially selected, high-grade PVDF plastic guarantees great mechanical strength of the sleeve with its high flexibility at the same time - confirmed with a test in the KAN laboratory.  

Advantages of system KAN‑therm ultraLINE:

  • the only pipe with on the market with a layer of flexible aluminium that guarantees safe expanding
  • high durability and safety of connections
  • flexible system configuration
  • versatility of use
  • high resistance to installation errors
  • possibility of covering connections in building partitions
  • quick, easy, and comfortable assembly even in places difficult to reach
  • possibility to use dedicated tools and drives for "press" connections
  • high level of work safety
  • resistance to corrosion
  • increased system hydraulics
  • significant reduction in cross-sectional clearances
  • compatibility with other KAN‑therm systems
  • no additional sealing
  • wide range of connectors with threads and fittings
  • elements available in plastic and brass - 100 % substitutes
  • aesthetic look of fittings and light colour of PPSU plastic structures significantly increase the visibility of the element in dark rooms

Optimised hydraulics.

For connecting individual components, system KAN‑therm ultraLINE uses the sliding sleeve technology. This installation technology uses the process of expanding the pipe end (local expansion of the diameter), among other things. As a result, the constriction of the inside diameter of the pipe is reduced at the connection point between the pipe and the fitting, which reduces the local pressure loss of the complete installation. 


270° assembly

In the building industry, connections are often made in very difficult places, which require a high level of physical fitness from the installers. Sometimes even gymnastic skills do not help, because the design, the dimensions of the fittings, and the size of the tools become a limitation on its own. 

From the very beginning, ultraLINE fittings have been designed and manufactured with such situations in mind. The possibility to reach the collar of the fitting at an angle of up to 270° with the press forks makes the connection extremely easy and comfortable, even in places hard to reach.

No O-rings

ultraLINE fittings have specially profiled fittings, thanks to which the construction needs no additional seals. 

An expanded pipe end is inserted on the fittings, and then a plastic sleeve is slided on the fitting. The pipe is clamped circumferentially on the coupling stub in the entire contact plane. Such a connection allows for conducting the installation in structural partitions (in flooring finishing coats and under layers of plaster) without any limitations. 

During installation, we do not have to pay attention to the quality and condition of the seals because there are none! 

Connections without O-rings have been working seamlessly in projects for over 30 years now - it is one of the safest and most reliable technologies for installing plastic pipes.